About GunSafe

Custom Gun Cabinet and Lion Desk with GunSafeGunSafe™ is located in Arthur, Illinois in America’s heartland. Old World craftsmen hand-build each hardwood GunSafe™ cabinet with the same workmanship and attention to detail handed down through the generations. GunSafe™ offers standard 6-gun and 12-gun cabinets, as well as custom-made specialty pieces to showcase larger and smaller firearms collections. The company also builds cabinets for pistols, knives, bows and other keepsakes and special possessions.

Most GunSafe™ cabinets are designed for permanent display in the home or office, but some are built for travel to shows or club events.

Owner William Schlabach says very few cabinets are the same. “Most of our customers want to make a personal statement,” he believes, “and that stands to reason. After all, the firearms they own say a great deal about their personality, taste and character.”

Custom cabinets are usually built to the client’s specifications. GunSafe™ will also suggest designs and amenities based on the client’s wishes and needs.

GunSafe™ cabinets allow people to display their favorite guns without making them vulnerable to curious children and would-be thieves. The one-of-a-kind pieces offer both visual and hidden deterrents without compromising the appeal of personal gun collections. In fact, the stunningly handsome cabinets serve to enhance the beauty of any gun collections.

“To many people, guns are like a precious painting or other work of art,” says William Schlabach. “They want them on display to enjoy, but they also want them secure. That’s the goal behind every GunSafe™ product we make.”